Hypoallergenic Cica Soothing Gel Gauze Mask 35Ml X 1Pc

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Benefits: Hypoallergenic tested. Dermatologically tested, developed without twenty kinds of strong ingredient to avoid skin irritation. A conceal infused with 35ml jelly like essence to at once give moisturizing, soothing advantages. Enriched with Guaiazulene, Honey Wax, Rose Water, and Organic olive oil to nourish as well as cure skin and then leave a cooling sensation. The gauze mask sheet stops skin irritation while supplying fluids deep to the skin. How you can use: one. Place the mask sheet on the facial skin of yours while staying away from the mouth as well as eye area. two. Try leaving on for 10 20 minutes and also take pleasure in the cool sensation. three. Discard the mask sheet, pat gently with staying heart for greater absorption.

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