Intime Intimate Rose Lubricant 100G

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Lubricating as well as moisturizing gel product for fine zone to hydrate with rose scent. Try keeping the skin clean of yours with a heavy structure. Main combination grow - Damask rose floral water, Pomegranate seed oil, White jellyfish polysaccharide as well as Tokinsenka flower extract. Damask roses belong in the queen of queen or maybe roses of scents due to the level of the fragrance. Obviously, the fragrance of rose is soothingly healed, and also it provides the skin a tight perception with good hydrating power. Tokinsenka flower, A floral of the chrysanthemum named calendula or marigold. It's been popular as a vegetable which is famous since ancient Roman as well as Greece times. It's likewise good for skin hydrating and difficult skin. White-colored jellyfish polysaccharide, a plant acid polysaccharide from the fruiting body of cream chrysanthemum. It's a sense like hyaluronic acid and will hold much more water than salt hyaluronate, thus it's likewise known as vegetable hyaluronic acid. It's a sticky viscosity plus substantial hydrating impact, and also moisturizes skin as well as mucous membranes. Pomegranate seed oil, Conjugated linolenic acid found in pomegranate seed oil is an incredibly moisturizing component. Moreover, punica acid provides the epidermis firmness and shine. How you can use: Take a suitable amount (approx. hundred yen coin sized) of bright hand and put it on to fine zone.

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