Lunasol Contrasting Color Eyes 2 Types

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2 small color accent colors within a compact, a shining the color which provides big glitter, along with a shading color which produces an all natural contrast. By overlapping, there's an obvious feeling of omission, but an accented, look that is sophisticated is finished. Shining sunlight with an optimistic shine such as the midsummer sunshine as well as very moon which provides a great opinion with a clear moon like shine. Infused with colors that are new as well as brilliance for a summer time appear to be. How you can use: Lightly place B's shining color on the eye gap with the finger of yours. Gently blur the shading color of C with a heavy idea out of the eyelid on the eyehole. Put in the accent color an of any thanks to a heavy idea around 1/3 of the eyes. Put in the accent color b of D gently with a good tip to spread out of the middle of the lower eyelid on the left as well as right. Pack Size - 3.4g

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