Cleodite Hair Color Emulsion 14 Types

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It's for emulsion sort gray hair dye females that can appreciate stylish locks color even though there's grey hair. Dyed attractively healthy gray hair as well as hair that is black. A fragrance of sweet as well as fresh new floral marine, suppressing the smell that is nervous. The style is chai tea camel. Includes: 40g of one agent, 80ml of 2 elements, comb type nozzle, after hair package 15g, hair dresser glove. How you can use: Add everything one serving to two elements, close the black colored cap, shake well up as well as down and mix. Replace it with a brush type nozzle and also put it on with the entire dried out hair, comb type nozzle or maybe hand, and also put on it uniformly. Following adequately blending, go out of it for aproximatelly fifteen mins, rinse completely and stop with a shampoo or conditioner. If needed, it'll be completed sharply with the attached after pack.

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