Pore N Clear Foam 100Ml 100Ml

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The Pore N Line items have Tannin Extract for pore tightening; EVERMAT for INFLAX as well as sebum management for anti oxidation. Contains 72%of Tannin Extract for pore tightening as well as sebum command for a sleek surface. Has AHA, BHA components to eliminate dead skin cells and also epidermis impurities evidently. Purify your skin impurities naturally with the Lotus Extract. The wealthy frothy micro foam surface enables to clean the substantial sebum as well as the pore impurities efficiently with rejuvenating feeling. How you can use: one. Pump for a good amount and also use on the facial skin consistently with massaging. two. Rinse with lukewarm water and then cool water for an even better pore tightening impact.

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