Esprique Glow Eye Veil 8 Types

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Gorgeous gradation endures and also creates a huge eye. Great quick drying as well as good communication with eyes. A lovely surface lasts until the evening without distorting the movie or even replacing the color of its. Includes essence materials with excessive affinity for skin and substantial hydrating power. Hydrated veil with serum fluid substances for example red algae extract adheres to skin and also will keep it hydrated. Lucent pearl formulation. It's a wet and transparent finish. BE330, BE331 may also be employed as a watch color base. Little the dullness & enhance the makeup of yours with a powder eye color you are going to use later. It's powerful against sebum and sweat and contains a gorgeous finish. Achieves a consistent surface like the committed chip was blurred with your finger. 10-hour makeup information acquisition Kose survey. There are actually individual differences. Pack Size - 8g

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