Kumano Amino Acid Shampoo 500Ml

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Amino acids on hair, peptides securely repair, hydrate as shampoo. Hair is basically keratin. And so supplement the keratin raw information amino acids with locks packs. Anti-inflammatory aminoalkanoic acid aminocaproic acid The antibacterial substance cymene-5-ol advances the surroundings of the head. Raw material for keratin. Aminoalkanoic acid adsorbed on affected elements of locks, restored affected locks, hydrating Hurricick. Loads of healthy PPT Keratin, Silk and Collagen penetrate into hair, gloss plus finger street. Vitamin hygiene to trigger scalp as well as hair. Ascorbyl glucoside panthenol formulation. It blends thirteen amino acids, organic hydrating variables, to hydrate the hair. Clean the hair of yours cleanly while compensating for moisture as well as amino acids. How you can use: Turn the nozzle and also increase the top, thrust it many times until the contents come out. Wet the hair of yours and use the correct volume on the entire locks, whisk as well as clean.

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