Esteny Salty Body Scrub 350G

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With foaming salt scrub, laundry while clearing off skin roughness. Hydrating on the epidermis of yours. Scrub of French Lorraine rock salt clears the existing horny material which causes skin roughness. Botanical scrub is needless body wash bubbling fluffy while purifying ingredients of grow origins soothing as well as horny hygiene. With 3 moisturizing ingredient formulations like coconut oil, securely defend skin at what the existing horny material continues to be taken out of the dryness and conclude it with the wet structure of the entire body. Scent of fresh citrus. Refresh perception Shaki with aroma impact. How you can use: After securely wetting the skin of yours, allow the correct quantity be put on to the spot you are concerned about and then rub gently. Include lukewarm water very little by little along with foam. Then rinse completely.

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