Shikioriori Tsubaki Camellia Oil Scalp Care Conditioner Silicone Free Refill 400Ml

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A hydrating ingredient: all-natural camellia oil & effective ingredient: dipotassium glycyrrhizinate formula, it's a conditioner which attracts away dandruff / itching and also the first attractiveness of your hair. Hyaluronic acid along with other substantial preservative ingredients formulation, each time you utilize it is going to arrange to a great history. Locks fix ingredients permeate to the center of damaged hair. It results in supple and glossy hair shining out of the root on the idea of the hair. It's a tasteful Japanese fragrance which moisturizes the brain of yours. Gentle acidity. How you can use: After as shampoo, affect the entire tresses as rub the scalp with the correct level of hand. Next, rinse it all.

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