Weekly Gel Color Ne-33 Rosybrown

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Gel nail, that is done with a single container + hue + top is but one. When switching off of, simply peel Petit. The way In order to make use of: To stop sedimentation of contents, shake it carefully to come different gels, blend well with a comb just before usage. Fill the weakly gel sequence without any sanding, harden with UV lamp or even LED light to finish. Paint two times with the liking of yours. When peeling, record gel of cinnabar with the toes and carefully remove it towards the fingertips of yours. Curing time: UV light aproximatelly 120 secs (36W), LED light aproximatelly sixty seconds (6W). Curing period is a standard. It all depends on the apparatus used. Check with a single finger and start using. UV wavelength / LED relieved during 350 to 400 nm wavelength. Recognize that you can get specific differences in fingernail stickiness.

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