Night Youth Water Lx 130Ml

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Turn back the clock and also be attractive yet again. This extremely focused youth h2o is the crown item of the Youth Peptides Royal compilation. A must have for women of ages and also ideal for almost all skin types. Intended for night time intensive care, fix and strengthening substance blood circulation. The specific formulation enables you to arise with firm as well as plump skin. Eliminates obstruction in substance routes underneath the epidermis, so that cells may be replenished with nutrients as well as moisture. Ingredients: Nobel prize winning component EGF ~ stimulates regrowth of skin cells, fights wrinkles and also repairs tissues. Some other ingredients: World s very first youth water (Mayleech youth formulaTM) ,peptides. Marine peptides, dalton in the number 2000, all-natural bran as well as grain extract. All-natural sugar, swiftlet nest extract, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, soluble protein, and more How you can use: Apply after at night: two pumps

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