Organic Castor Oil 4Oz / 120Ml

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DESCRIPTION: Kate Blanc s Castor Oil is naturally organic and cold pressed without any additional preservatives. Since it s hundred % fresh, it effortlessly absorbs into your brows as well as lashes to increase growth of hair. Castor Oil is additionally a vital component of dandruff shampoo, growth of hair serums, and may be utilized as fingernail engine oil also. Aside from growth of hair, Castor Oil is additionally good to utilize as an all natural moisturizer and also for skin health. It help keep moistures so the skin of yours does not get become dry throughout the day. It is available in an amber glass container to guard against dangerous UV lamp also additionally, it feature a glass dropper. The bottle is hundred % fresh castor oil without carrier oil added. Recommended Usages:(Please get pictures for detail) Grow Lush Long Eyelashes as well as Bold Eyebrows Eyebrow Growth Serum to Stimulate Growth of hair Stronger Nails & Moisturized Cuticles

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