Curel Intensive Moisture Care Moisture Lip Care Cream 2 Types

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Light Pink Dry and also make the mouth of yours flat as well as flat look healthful in slightly yellow. Moisturizing hydrating ceramide purposeful ingredient, moist keeping ingredient produced from veggie, combined with jojoba oil (wetting agent). Penetrates an abundance of horny stratum of the lip area, stops bulkiness as well as roughness. For good jacket formulation, dampness is properly restricted as well as shielded from outside stimuli. Flat Treatment, prescription is going to show the lip area color naturally. Is rich in absolutely no tar style pigment. Gentle stick style carefully firmly adheres to vulnerable sensitive lips. Fragrance free. Alcohol free (no inclusion of ethyl alcoholic beverages). Colorless 2 adhesion coat prescription, 2 consequences to secure dampness within the lip securely to avoid drying out and additionally to defend the area out of outside stimuli. Thinking about the slim mouth of the stratum corneum, hydrating ingredients hydrating ceramide purposeful ingredient (wetting agent), hydrated stored ingredient produced from the vegetable. Penetrate into the stratum corneum of the lip area, improve the moisture density. Antiphlogistic (active ingredient) formulated. Stops chapped lips & splits. A gentle stick style which firmly and gently adheres to the very sensitive mouth. How you can use: Take 2 3 mm and lightly run the mouth of yours with a gentle touch. Pack Size - 4.2g

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