Proqualite Ex Straight Perm Short Hair

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A sequence for curly hair made depending on the study of curly locks. Procarite's straight locks prescribed. First Agent 50g x one: It functions on distortion of your hair. Try separating distorted protein bonds within the hair. Next Agent 50g x one: Fixed the state directly. Repair the bond divided by the very first representative in a straight state. After-Treatment 15g x one: Moisture absorbing obstruct & hair flexible ingredient - Hydrolyzed silk (hair hydrating component) permeates within the hair. In order to maintain supple with dampness and flexible the absorption of dampness to flexible hair that is difficult to spread much on rainy days. Based on the perm, the hair style affected to alkalinity is created to weakly sour natural in hair. PH feature element formula. Suppress the perm smell. Scent of new citrus floral. Strip securely the hair with a sleek cream style. If you wish to generate a trend permite directly. How you can make use of: If locks are substantially harmed, don't make use of because it is going to cause hair breakage, etc. Following hair color as well as bleach consumption, keep interval for more than one week. Stay away from the very first representative with the root of the locks, use it, after which straighten it with a separate hair comb. The pinnacle of the top will be the last. After leaving for five to fifteen mins, rinse completely with lukewarm water very carefully. Apply next agent lots from the root of the locks, depart for fifteen mins, then rinse completely with lukewarm water. Securely from the root. Use the incorporated rinse and additionally after treatment after three to five minutes.

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