Happy Elephant Toilet Cleaner 400Ml

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Pleased Elephant Toilet Cleaner, with hundred % nature derived foam. Outside and inside of the bathroom is cleaned by Fine Foam. Following drainage, the fresher is biodegraded immediately by microbes and comes back to the environment. The refreshing fragrance of grapefuruit (hundred % natual grapefruit essential oil). Petroleum-based surfactant free, synthetic fragrance free, coloring agent free. The fragrance of rejuvenating sparemint (hundred % organic important sparemint oil). How you can use: Upon using, spin the injection port as well as set Onto tht high, and try to keep it all after using. In the toilet bowl. Spray on the grime, wash with a brush & rinse. Clean away the toilet seat and flooring. Spray straight to the dirt, clean with dried up cloth or maybe paper, and clean off of clean water.

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