Aqualabel Special Jelly Refill 140Ml 140Ml

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Penetrating penetration. High end Jure. Richest concentrated rye spreads newly and permeates throughout the stratum corneum. Higher moisture retention. To lots of dampness, to the epidermis and this fleshes clear. one thing four functionality. Lotion, beauty essence, mask, milky lotion, after washing face it's OK with this product. one item of the result exceeding lotion four functionality. Thus, with this in the early morning as well as evening, it will keep moisture extended with no stickiness. How you can make use of: At the start of use, press the pump a few times until contents seem. Right after cleansing, press the pump one or maybe 2 occasions to palm and allow it to blend. Whenever the contents start to be poor, in case you set the jaws of the pump on the path of the tubing within the pot, you are able to utilize it until finally the conclusion.

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