Aromatic Body For You Deodorant Soap Bar 100G

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Firmly sterilize with 2 types of established ingredients, to stop body odor, to skin of newly interesting refreshment. It's a soap for body which has persimmon liquid extract of skin firmness ingredients as well as toyo conventional extract which will keep the skin of yours in good health. Mud as well as fine grained bubbles produced from plant life are utilized for sweat that grows into the cause of smell and outdated horny / additional sebum. Clean it as much as an amazing body. Inviting from outside of the phone, interesting fragrance as well as spicy. Sterilize securely with 2 active component formulations. Medicated body treatment soap to stop body odor as well as sweat odor. Persimmon liquid extract (oyster tannin) as well as toyo trading extract (acaiakuakisu extract / wyokko extract or orange lawn extract or shokyouchin) combined. Mixed with ginger dependent on healthy orange engine oil, it's a spicy amazing fragrance.

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