Hydro Wrinkle Eye Sheet 40 Pcs

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A dried up aging treatment sheet which covers 7 difficulties in the eyes, like drooping, age lines, skin pores, shadows, problems, dryness, etc, jointly with Hydrogen x Carbonate. We prevailed in simultaneous model in the second of utilizing Hydrogen along with carbonic acid which continues to be regarded as hard to commercialize by our very own specific production plans. Pinpoint serious treatment by merely sticking it with the 7 issues of the severe eyes by the all-in-one impact of raw carbonic acid x hydrogen which is produced in the second when it becomes moist. How you can use: Remove the paper tray out of the bag and take away the eye sheet. Wet the whole sheet consistently with lots of lukewarm water or water. Arrange the damp eye sheet with the eyes of yours and hold it gently with the hands of yours making it stick to the skin of yours. The counter applied on the skin doesn't change in the result even in case it's messy, however, it gets hard to peel once the bottom aspect of the paper tray is connected to the skin (It's a surface which grows into fluffing as well as dulling when it becomes wet) After packing for aproximatelly five mins, take out the sheet & prepare skin with a product. Pack Size - forty pcs

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