Rice Bran Face Wash Paste 120G

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Obtain a soft, transparent glow with experience wash alone. This particular facial skin wash has rice bran, long utilized like a beauty ingredient for treating sake lees, and skin, an important moisturizer. Cleansing solely leaves skin dewy & bouncy. Clean white floral fragrance. Get lushly moisturized skin with yellow clay. Use our distinctive Rosette Face Wash Pasta production process to infuse this particular formulation with richly moisturizing, purifying red clay powdered sourced from Hiroshima Prefecture. Whips right into a good, frothy lather to lock in moisture and clean away toxins, making skin elastic and don't tight. Powdered cereal bran whisks separate old skin cells and pollutants. We combine rice bran microparticles to cleanly rinse out old skin cells formulated with outstanding melanin for epidermis which is clear and smooth. 0 additional hues or perhaps mineral oil. Alcohol-free. How you can use: Take a suitable quantity (aproximatelly one cm) in the palm of the hand of yours, lather effectively with lukewarm water or even water. Clean carefully to rub it with foam, then wash off completely to ensure that there's absolutely no rinse remaining.

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