Colorstay Full Cover Foundation

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Description: Full, matte coverage not having the regular heaviness. This full cover foundation legitimate feels little all day long, so through the night, very long. Uses for as much as twenty four hours: This formulation is sweat-resistant and heat- even! Toss away the pancake makeup notions our light-weight, mousse like, full coverage base is not cakey The non heavy matte surface moves on easily and blends seamlessly And the long wearing foundation of ours is available in a tube for quick, on-the-go uses! How you can use: After hydrating (key prior to any full cover base), wait five ten minutes Squeeze 2 pea size dabs to your palm Using the Buffing Foundation Brush of ours, with a number of dots of cosmetics on the tip, begin in the center of the face of yours and merge outward (you would like the minimum amount in the borders of your face); create anywhere needed

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