Dentor System Ex Toothpaste Medical Cool 30G

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Periodontal disease avoidance. Permeable sterilization of the periodontal disease germs lurking right behind the periodontal pocket. The medical compound IPMP penetrates into the interior of the nest of periodontal disease germs, and also it sterilizes securely all of the way. By technology that is brand new, it hinders the periodontal disease germs from sticking with the periodontal pocket. Provide much more dependable periodontal pocket therapy. Medicated Ingredient Epsilon - gingival inflammation is suppressed by ACA and also stops periodontal disease. Therapeutic ingredient IPMP along with medicated ingredient LSS are sterilizing securely the halitosis leading to bacteria. The medical compound LSS disinfects mushi albicans and even further the medical component salt fluoride (fluoride) fortifies the teeth to stop mushroom teeth. The taste of healthcare cool mint. It's a taste featuring a plant based medicinal outcome and cool refreshing feeling.

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