Premium 24K Gold Ampoule 100Ml 100Ml

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Extremely concentrated 24K Gold Premium Ampoule permeates quickly into hypodermal cells to provide immediate skin difficulty remedy for perfect, sparkling skin with shine Form solid epidermis moisture barrier to provide abundant wetness deep in skin Enhance epidermis firmness, skin surface and also assistance control extraordinary sebum secretion, irritation & hence different skin problems Royal Jelly written content enriched with Vitamin and Protein with seven types of plant compounds help calm delicate, skin that is broken while improving epidermis immunity for nutritious state Contain Adenosine and Niacinamdie with whitening & wrinkle improving tasks How you can use: Pump one - two occasions together with the spoid to dispense a reasonable level of content and also lightly dispersed throughout the skin spot. Gently dap for greater absorption.

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