Astalift Moisture Foam 100G

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This creamy, fine grained foam is a foam type face wash which carefully gets rid of used grime and keratin which is likely to be blocked up, cleanses it up, and also rinses it with moisture and water. Moisturizing ingredient collagen hydrated as well as wash while cleaning. Blend water soluble collagen to be incorporated in decorative remedy, etc. found face wash. Right after cleaning, it remains on the epidermis surface area, produces a veil of dampness, and also prepares a rich and moist epidermis sensation. Clear and soft skin just by cleaning. Power up with 2 white powers: Aste lift drives up with 2 white powers. thousand occasions that of CoQ10. Has organic reddish beautifying ingredient Astaxanthin with solid skin power. Moreover, by turning it into nano with the exclusive technology of ours, epidermis components is assimilated as well as penetrated nicely through the epidermis. The epidermis element of reddish tomato Nano Lycopene is additionally combined, and Nano astaxanthin runs up skin with all the strength of 2 white. Structure Fine and fluffy Red bubbles are comfy. Astalift's face wash is a fine, fluffy, dense foam. Securely eliminate sebum accumulated astaxanthin as well as lycopene found in rich white foam. Apparent accumulated harm very well, and clear away outdated dead skin. A heavy, frothy foam carefully wraps the epidermis. It's an excellent water retention, and because it will keep bubbles properly, it's become easy to minimize needless friction on the epidermis and also to clean carefully. How you can use: Take a suitable level of damp hand and conquer it effectively. Lightly rinse the whole face as you move the foam on the epidermis. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water or water.

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