Loshi Moisture Horse Oil Face Mask 7 Pcs

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A facial skin mask which may at the same time perform hydrating and also pore proper care with crude oil package impact of horse oil. It preps the structure of difficult skin of dryness and additionally results in clean, natural epidermis with unremarkable pores. Horse placenta (moisturizing) providing a feeling of transparency, vitamin C derivative (antioxidant component of product) blended. Royal jelly, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, collagen compounds. Pineapple seed extract, aloe vera juice, peach leaf extract (moisturizing) formula. How you can use: Wash the face of yours thoroughly upfront, take out grime and make the skin of yours fresh. Get rid of the mask with a thoroughly clean hand and install the face on the component of your lips and eyes. Get rid of the mask after aproximatelly 10 15 minutes. Allow it to replenish the heart staying on the skin of yours with the palm of the hands of yours. And then, clean as always.

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